10 Big Businesses That Started in a Garage

Teo, Steven, Entrepreneurship, “10 Big Businesses That Started in a Garage” http://getentrepreneurial.com/archives/10-big-businesses-that-started-in-a-garage/. Posted July 3rd, 2011. Retrieved July, 25th, 2011. — Every big business had to start out somewhere, right? Some have come from more humble beginnings than others, launching with no more than some basic equipment, a couple employees, a garage space and a big idea. […]

Ten Serious Apps for Small Business

Lynn, Samara, PCMag.com, “Ten Serious Apps for Small Business ” http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/266878/ten-serious-apps-for-small-business. Posted  date unknown. Retrieved July, 19th, 2011. — With the technology shift to cloud and mobile computing, small businesses have never had so many affordable, feature-rich and scalable business applications at their disposal. We’ve picked ten of the best, apps ranging from sophisticated billing/accounting systems to lightweight web publishing. […]

5 Steps to Using E-mail Promos to Attract Event Attendees

Hotz, Mike, Emailresults.com, “5 Steps to using E-mail Promos to Attract Event Attendees” http://www.emailresults.com/email_marketing_news.asp. Posted  September, 2010. Retrieved July, 11th 2011 One of a marketer’s biggest frustrations comes from all the effort spent to organize and execute an event with little or no return on investment. But even the greatest event ever planned will not be successful if […]

14 Signs You Are a Sales Zombie

Robertson, Kelley, Business Know-How, “14 Signs You Are a Sales Zombie” http://www.businessknowhow.com/marketing/saleszombie.htm. Posted  June, 2011. Retrieved July, 6th 2011 — A recent editor’s note in a sleep products magazine discussed how many people suffer from poor sleep and the editor referred to these individuals as zombies. Instantly, I thought of dozens of sales people I have encountered […]