How to Find More Time in Your Day

Brogan, Chris,, “How to Find More Time in Your Day.” Posted February 23th, 2012. Retrieved February 27th, 2012. — We included this article because we believe that it presents some great ideas on how to manage the time in your day. The only thing that what could also be included is the benefits of having a […]

Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Business Website

Internet Strategest,, “Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Business Website.” Posted February 20th, 2012. Retrieved February 24th, 2012. —- Even though social media has grown in significance, and it has now become a necessary part of a businesses’ online strategy, it should not completely replace the traditional methods of online marketing.  Social media has an […]

The Benefits of Doing Something Uncomfortable

Bachrach, Anne ,, “The Benefits of Doing Something Uncomfortable.” Posted February, 2012. Retrieved February 13th, 2012. — Do you find yourself avoiding new situations because they make you uncomfortable? It’s normal to feel apprehensive before you try something different or face a new challenge, but stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to big rewards. Doesn’t that […]

How Pinterest is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business

Falls, Jason,, “How Pinterest is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business.” Posted February 7th, 2012. Retrieved February 8th, 2012. — Move over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Another social media site is stepping up as a valuable marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest, an online bulletin board for your favorite images, launched in 2010 and is already […]

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Petrilli, Lisa, Harvard Business Review, “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking.” Posted January 25th, 2012. Retrieved February 6rd, 2012. — I learned the critical importance of networking, and discovered my natural aversion to it, early in my career. I was a new college graduate working in the strategic planning division of a $10 billion company, and our business […]