Be Rich or Be Happy: Which Would You Choose?

Haden, Jeff, “Be Rich or Be Happy: Which Would You Choose?.”  Posted: May 24th 2011. Retrieved May 25th, 2012. — The stereotype of an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business—any business—in order to get rich. In reality that is seldom the case: Most entrepreneurs start their small business to follow a passion, do […]

7 Most Powerful Sales Tools

Geoffrey, James “7 Most Powerful Sales Tools.”  Posted: May 23rd 2011. Retrieved May 24th, 2012. — The world is inundated with sales tools: worksheets, playbooks, sales scripts, software, brochures, and so forth. But all of those sales tools put together are insignificant if you don’t have the intellectual and emotional tools that truly create success. Here […]

3 Ways to Stop Losing Traffic from Google’s Penguin Update

Kumar, AJ, “3 Ways to Stop Losing Traffic from Google’s Penguin Update.”  Posted: May 17th 2011. Retrieved May 21st, 2012. — If you’ve seen the phrase “Penguin attack” online recently, don’t worry. No one’s being invaded by an army of adorable sea birds. Penguin is the nickname given to Google’s most recent algorithm update. Penguin launched late […]

3 Simple Steps to Marketing Even If You Hate Marketing

PW, Michele,, “3 Simple Steps to Marketing Even If You Hate Marketing.”  Posted: Nov 2nd 2011. Retrieved May 18th, 2012. Of all the things entrepreneurs struggle with, this one is probably the most difficult and most dangerous. Why? Because it directly impacts the success of your business. I know I’m not revealing any big eye-opening […]

Three Steps to More Word-of-Mouth–and More Business

Goodman, Gail, Entrepreneur, “Three steps to More Word-of-Mouth–and More Business.”  Posted: May 14th 2012. Retrieved May 14th, 2012. In the days before social media and the Internet, it wasn’t as easy to listen in on your customers’ conversations about your company. Nor could you easily encourage people to spread the good word about your business through word-of-mouth. But when […]