Stanford Professor Shares Top 3 Strategies of Brilliant Negotiators

CALHOUN, LISA “Stanford Professor Shares Top 3 Strategies” , Inc, General partner, Valor Ventures posted March 23, 2016 retrived March 23,2016 Great negotiators get ahead faster. Here’s how you do it   You’ve heard it before: You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate. Stanford professor Maggie Neale just released a book, Getting (More of) What […]

Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Work and 3 Alternatives That Do

Macnaught, Stacey “Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Work and 3 Alternatives That Do” PUBLISHED ON: MAR 10, 2016 retrieved March 11 2016 Brainstorming doesn’t work. But these 3 alternative ideation tactics could help you to generate over 100 ideas in just 30 minutes. If you’ve ever been a part of an unproductive brainstorming session, you’ll know just […]