The day to buy the cheapest plane tickets now has changed!

Tuttle, Brad “What You Really Need to Know About When to Buy Flights”, posted on 10/23/2014 retrieved on 10/29/2014                                                                         […]

On Tuesday March 4th Linda Taylor and Michael Hanley, came in to do a presentation on their “Business Killers Program”.  This program is designed for the small business owner.  It helps small them take a temperature on their company and make sure they are on the right track, and then alerts them to areas they […]

Customer service doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult

Customer service doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, but it can provide priceless result: loyal customers! Please check out our blog to learn some lessons from theme parks for any small business!

A Customer Service Fantasyland

Ross, Jerry “A Customer Service Fantasyland” Posted on February 25 2013, Retrieved on February 27, 2013 A Customer Service Fantasyland Theme-park sized customer service lessons for any small business.  The theme park experience is a fantasyland, a way for individuals and families alike to escape and enjoy. It is an immersion in fun, however, on a recent […]